Nataly Semi Padani


2011 All My Sons. Role: Ann. Beit Zvi.
2012 The Storm. Role: Katia. Beit Zvi.
2012 Madam de sad. Role: Rene. Beit Zvi.
2012 Playhouse Creatures. Role: Nell. Beit Zvi.
2013 A View From a Bridge. Role: Katherine. Beit Zvi.
2013 “Hu halach basadot”. Role: Mika. Beit Zvi
2013 “Halehaka”. Role: Noa. Beit Zvi.
2013 Blood Wedding. Role: the bride. Beit Zvi.
2013 Crime And Punishment. Role: Sonya. Beit Zvi.
2013 “lech lecha meartzecha”. Role: Lena. Beit Zvi.
2013 Some girls. Role: Bobby. Beit Zvi.
2015 “Nefesh Yehudi”. Director-Alon Tiran. Lead role of Clara. The Library theatre.
2015 Private Lives. Director: Mitko Bozkov. Role: Sybil. The Library theatre.
2016 Peter Pan. Role: Wendy.


2016 “Kingim”. Guest appearance. Channel 2.
2015 “Eifo ata hai”. Role: Ziva. Channel 1
2014 commercial anti drug use. Channel 9.


2011 Pre-Eurovision- vocalist and dancer for Nov.
2006-2010 collaboration with Guy Lichtentel on various musical projects.
Native Russian speaker. Fluent in Hebrew and English.

Training and education

2016 stage workshops- musical workshop Tzedi Tzarfati.
2016 acting workshop with casting directors Hila Yuval and Jehli Monsengro.
2015 stage workshops- casting workshop.
2015 acting for camera course at “Technica” Niv Raz.
2010-2013 Beit Zvi school of the performing arts.
2003-2006 theatre major at Aliance High school.
2003-2006 functional media studies- Rotenberg house. Hosting the show “bezavit” on Haifa’s local channel.
Graduate of “Aliance vocal ensemble”- Haifa.
Graduate of “the national youth ensemble”- Haifa.
Lead role in the musical “Cazablan”.
Full Army service as part of the northern command ensemble.