Oded Menashe

T.V hosting

Contacts- game show. Channel 24.
“Yom shishi hegia”- channel 24 with Eden Harel.
The chosen ones. Channel 24.
Family Inc.- Channel 20 with Eden Harel.
Smart pit- creator and host of game show. Broadcasted around the world.
The morning show. Channel 10.
2013 “Ahava al haesh”- with Eden Harel. Channel 10.
2013 the morning show on Fridays. with Eden Harel. Channel 10.
2012-2013 Make me Laugh. With Tzipi Shavit. Channel 24.
2012 The perfect vacation- host. Reshet, Channel 2.
2011-2012 host on the Dialogue chaneel.
“Kola she lima”- live host. Channel 2.
“Osim shcuna”- cooking show. with Eden Harel.
Top chef- 4 prime time seasons. Channel 10.


YES- oboy, guest appearance.

Event hosting

Halleluiah- world singing competition. Broadcasted worldwide.
Efi awards- Israeli marketing union awards.
“Hashirutrom”- every year.


2013 PediaSure- digital campaign.
2012 Fox home with Eden Harel.




“Yosale kamtzan kadosh”
“Ayn beayn”- entertainment show with Eden Harel.