Shalev gelber


2015 – 2018 – Graduated Nissan Nativ

2005 – 2008 – Graduate of the Katzenelson High School, drama class, Kfar Saba

2002 – 2008 – Graduated from Bimat Hanoar, drama school for kids and youth, Kfar Saba


2008 – Burning Mooki, supporting actor, directed by Lina and Slava Chaplin

2011 – Joe + Bell, in the role of Yoni, directed by Veronica Kedar

2013 – Funeral At Noon, directed by Adam Sanderson

2014 – Endtime, in the role of Shalev, directed by Veronica Kedar

2017 – Justification, supporting actor, directed by Tom Shoval


2016 – In Tweetment, in the role of Yonatan, directed by Veronica Kedar


“Leaves the wound open” – by Netta Gold, directed by Marina Beltov Grass, The Home Theater

Berta and the Great Sea – by Michael Gurevitch, in the role of Ararat Tzuk,, directed by Erez Shafrir, Nissan Nativ

Balgrad Trilogy – by Biliana Srbelyanov in the role of Dacha, directed by Nir Erez, Nissan Nativ

When Five Years Pass – by Federico Garcia Lucara, in the rolr of Friend A and the Football Player, directed by Anna Beniel Berliner, Nissan Nativ

Suitcase Packers – by Hanoch Levin, in the role of Motke Tzchori,, directed by Moshe Kalif, Nissan Nativ

Marriage Proposal – by Anton Chekhov, in the role of Stefan Stepanovich, Nissan Nativ

Riki’s Garden – by David Grossman, in the role of Gili, directed by Shlomi Hayoun
Children’s play – by Gur Koren, directed by Gur Koren