Yair Israel


2019-2020: A workshop for acting school graduates by Tzipi Pines

2018-2019: Technique – On-camera acting classes for professional actors

2015-2018: The Goodman Acting School of the Negev–3 years.

2014-2015: Nissan Nativ acting studio – preparatory program

2012-2013: Habama Hamerkazit – Advanced acting courses

2008-2012: Pardes Hanna’s youth theater group, Guided by Adi Shvarz

2008-2011: Matriculation Certificate, Theater major


Awards and Scholarships

2016 – Goodman’s comic monologue competition by Kivunim organization – First place.

2016 – Sefi Rivlin Scholarship Competition – Second place.



2020 – “Zkufim” as Elhanan, directed by Ofer Shafrir

2019 – Ecological Theater by the Svivatron

2018 – “Shabat Baboker” as Yonatan, directed by Ofer Shafrir, “Hakibuz” theater


Productions in Goodman

2018 – “The one who gets slapped” as Ze (lead role), directed by Noa Sechter

2018 – “Cinderella” – as Jeffrey 3, directed by Gome Frid

2018 – “Broken Mirror”, directed by Amit Zamir

2018 – “Gulabi Gang” as Raj Fel (main role). Written and directed by Tom and Yhonatan Shwarzberg



2020 – Vayyar high-tech company as John, produced by Market Master Ltd

2019 – Nativ Plus, produced by Market Master Ltd

2019 – The Israeli Alliance campaign encourage voting, produced by Udini Productions

2019 – Ashkelon Academic College, produced by Kaner Productions

2019 – Mobilab, produced by Cliper Productions

2018 – Megureit Israel Ltd, produced by KOG Productions

2018 – Bank Otsar HaHayal, produced by KOG Productions


Student Films

2020 – “The Time Traveler” as Neil (lead role), by Yuval Nissim, Sapir Academic College

2020 – “Lifrakim” as Yoav, by Tomer Vildorf, Seminar Hakibuzim

2018 – “Homo Sapiens” as Yair (lead role), by Bar Fridman, Tel Aviv University

2018 – “Boxes” as Yotam (lead role), by Doron Bergman, Sapir Academic College


Promotional Videos and others

2020 – “Yad Beyad” organization, produced by Yosef Gringold Media Productions

2020 – “Makhteshim” industries

2019 – “Kesef Davka Ken” – web series. Actor and Creator.

2019 – Pinchas Dolinsky’s music video

2019 – Photographed for Comic book by award winning international illustrator professor Rutu Modan

2018 – “Bell Tal – Psichotherapist and lecturer”

2018 – “Teacup” startup company (lead role)

2018 – Sexual harassment awareness video (part of a lecture)

Video & Sound