Dikla Hadar


“beit sefer lemechasefim”- Logi channel.
Yuval Hamebulbal= Hop channel
“Mamlechet toviyahu”- saba tuvia. Hop channel.
“Michal haktana vehatontonim”- nick junior channel.


Shrek- Fiona
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Kong Fu Panda
Monsters vs. Aliens
Spy Kids
Romeo and Juliet- Juliet
Cars 2
Care Bares
The Fairly Odd Parents


“leretziniim bilvad”- Cameri theatre.
Fiddler on the Roof- Cameri theatre.
Sallah Shabati- Cameri theatre.
The Good Person of Szechwan- – Cameri theatre.
“Zisale”- dance theatre, Beit Lesin.
Corner of Broadway and Frishman- Beit Lesin.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream- role: peck. Beit Lesin
“Tmunot yafo”
“Mishak yeladim”- Beit Lesin.
Spring Awakening- role: Martha. Beit Lesin.
La Mandragola- role: Ligurio. Beit Lesin.
The Wizard of Oz- role: Toto. Beit Lesin.
“Ima meohevet”- role: Gabi. Beit Lesin.
Blood Brothers- role: Linda. Beit Lesin.
“mishaala ahat yemina”- role: Ilana. Beit Lesin.
Max and I. role: Ayala. Beit Lesin.
Pinocchio- role: Pinocchio. Beit Lesin.
One Man, Two Guvnors- role: Rachel. Beit Lesin.
“Haverot achi tovot”- role: young Tirza. Beit Lesin.
“Hagdud haivri”- Tazvta theatre.
“Etzel Fernando bamartef”- satirical cabaret -Tzavta theatre.
Cabaret- roles: Sally Bowels and Linda. The library theatre.
Hair- role: Jeanie. The library theatre.
Grease – role: Frenchy. Patty simcox. The library theatre.

Training and Edcucation

2013 stage workshop- acting workshop by Udi Ben Moshe.
2011 Ruthy Dytches- Acting for Camera.
2003-2006 Beit Zvi graduate- school of the performing arts.
2003-2006 Vocal training- Nira Gal.
2006- present vocal training- Doki Atzmon.
1996-2000 graduate of Telma Yalin school of the arts- theatre major.


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