Noam Karmeli

Languages: Hebrew & German (mother tongue), English (high level)

Citizenships: Israeli (IL), German (EU)



2020 – “Tomer Weinstein needs to die” by Jordan Again, Tomer 2020

2020 – “Paradise” by Asaf Saban , Tzuki 2020

2020 – “Homoledet” by Niv Manzur, Nadav 2020

2021 – “Ana Ragil” by Gil Forman, Noah 2021



2019 – “Neelamim” by Yaron Arazi, Ori

2020 – “Black Space” by Anat Gafni and Sahar Shavit, Eran

2021 – “Bnei Or” by Guy Balila and Elad Biton, Asi

2021 – “Malkot 2” by Gal and Ruti Zaid, Eliran



Graduate of Performing Arts Studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein- 2017-2020

As part of the school:

“Yakish and Pupsche” by Hanoch Levin, Yakish

“Krum” by Hanoch Levin, Tachtich

“Let the right one In” by Jack Thorne, Johnny

“As you like it” by William Shakespeare, Touchstone

**Won first place at a contest

Video & Sound