Shalev Gelber

Education & Training

2015 – 2018 – Graduated from Nissan Nativ acting studio, Tel Aviv



2021 – Tumer named Boaz, directed by Tamar Keinan, Tsavta Theater.

2021 – So much white, directed by Matan Amsalen, Israel Festival 2021.

2021 – Downfall of the egoist Johann Fatzer, directed by Yotam Gottal, Tmuna Theater.

2019 – The Underworld, directed by Tal Venig, Tzavta Thearer.

2019 – Lack of public interest, directed by Matan Amsalem, Acre festival 2019.

2019 – The English bride, directed by Yotam Gottal., Tmuna Theater.

2019 – Leaves the wound open, directed by Marina Beltov Grass, Habait Theater.

2018 – Berta and the Great Sea, directed by Erez Shafrir, Nissan Nativ.

2018- Balgrad Trilogy, directed by Nir Erez, Nissan Nativ.

2018 – When Five Years Pass, directed by Anna Beniel Berliner, Nissan Nativ.




2014 – Endtime, directed by Veronica Kedar.

2013 – Funeral At Noon, directed by Adam Sanderson.

2011 – Joe + Bell, directed by Veronica Kedar.

2008 – Burning Mooki, directed by Lina and Slava Chaplin.



Awards and Scholarships

2019 – winner of the best actor award at the 40th acre festival for theater.




Hebrew (mother tongue), English (as mother tongue)