Sean (Chancela) Mongoza

Training and Education

2016 2nd year student at Nissan Nativ school of Acting.
2014 “Bama” program at Nissan Nativ studio of acting.
2012-2013 “Technica”- Acting for camera by Niv Raz and Uli Shternberg.
2010-2013 creating excellency project by “Young Cameri”.
2007-2013 Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium High school- theatre major.
2011-2012 youth prep at Nissan Nativ acting studio.


Mermaids- role: Philipus.Director: Adam Sanderson. Season 2. HOT
“Sarah stiew”, show for German T.V . role:Dahir.
“Baumshlager”. Role: Bobo.
“Alifim”- role: Mike. Director: Oren Shkedi. Production: Tedi productions. YES.
“Metim lerega”. Role: Solomon. Director: Dani Sirkin. Keshet.


The castle- youth prep Nissan Nativ.
“Beton acher”- “young cameri”.
“Osama hagibor”- “Young cameri”.
“Karnafim”- part of theatre major at The Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium High school.


Part in the clip “In the City” for Oppenheim Music. Director: Boaz Rozenberg.

Video & Sound