Shahar Raz Rosenbaum


Education & Trainings

“Beit- Zvi”- The arts educational school



2008- 2021 – “HABIMA” – The national theatre of Israel:

2008- Bravo (Israeli Musical)- Director: Alon Offir

2009- The kettle and the broom (Isaeli Musical)- Direcor: Shuki Vagner

2010- The Nose (Gogol short story)- Director: Shay Pitowsky

2010- Railway to Damascus- Director: Ilan Ronen

2011- Monsieur Pursoniak- Director: Shay Pitowsky

2011- New Land- Director: Shay Pitowsky

2012- The old lady’s visit- Director: Ilan Ronen

2013: A man doesn’t die for nothing- Director: Shir Goldberg

2013: The Oath- Director: Shay Pitowsky

2014: The Merchant of Venice- Director: Ilan Ronen

2014: The miser- Director: Ilan Ronen

2014: God waits at the station- Director: Shay Pitowsky

2015: Le Père Goriot- Director: Shir Goldberg

2015: Taken at midnight- Director: Moshe Kepten

2016: What are we going to do about Jenny? – Director: Hillel Mitelpunkt

2016: Coriolanus- Director: Irad Rubinstein

2016: A simple story- Director: Shir Goldberg

2017: The Picture of Dorian Gray- Director: Yehezkel Lazarov

2017: 1984- Director: Irad Rubinstein

2017: Dad’s braid- Director: Roni Pinkowitz

2018: The child is dreaming- Director: Omri Nitzan

2018: My Mika (Israeli musical)- Director: Moshe Kepten

2019: Behind the fence- Director: Moshe Kepten

2019: Giv’at Halfon- Director: Moshe Kepten

2019: Spring Awakening- Director: Moshe Kepten

2020: Masada 1942- Director: Moshe Kepten

2020: Hamlet- Director: Maor Zaguri

2021: Spanish garden (Ladino musical)- Director: Zadok Zarfati

2021: I’m not Rappaport- Director: Roni Ninio



2008- “Lost Islands” – Director: Reshef & Regev Levy

2010- “Habima The Dramatic Drama Theater- director: Shahar Rosen



2015- “Land and sky”- Tv series- Director: Assi Tzobel

2019-2021- The big challenge- Director: Bob Lax

2008- 2020- 9 Different commercials:

Primor- Orange juice , Leumi Bank,  Hot cabele, Soda Stream, IBM security, 24 option day job diner, Bezeq internet, Peres academy, Miele.


Awards and Scholarships

2016 – “HABIMA” Best Actor Award

2008 – “Zvi Clair” Prize for excellence in studies

2005 – America / Israel Cultural Foundation Prize




Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), English (Good)



Singing, Dancing




Video & Sound