Adi Avrahami

 Education & Training

2011-2014 – Graduated “Beit Zvi” School of The Performing Arts

2004-2008 – Studied theatre in High School. Performed nationally and internationally with my performing arts group.

         Cinema classes by Galit Rozenshtain, Sharon Alexander



2015- HAIR , directed by Moshe Kepten, Cameri theatre.

2015–2019- ONE VOICE, lead role in a musical drama, Directed by Asnat Sibil, Hanefesh theatre.

MEHUSHMALIM- lead role in a drama, directed by Raz Lissitzki, Isratron theatre.

TRIP- lead role in a rock musical, directed by Naama bar Shira, Pnima theatre.

THE JUNGLE BOOK- directed by Chanoch Rozen, Sifria theatre.

MAMI- rock opera, directed by Daniel Efrat, Tmuna theatre.

TRANSFORUM- musical show, lead role, directed by Meital Damari, Dor 1 group.



2016 BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS AND HILLS- directed by Eran Kolirin.

2016- “212”- directed by Boaz Frenkel.

2015- MEVORECHET- directed by Prauge Benbenisty.



2021– DEAD SEA- supporting role, directed by Eran Kolirin. Channel KAN 11, Israeli TV



Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), English (Excellent)

Israeli sign language


Singer, songwriter, composer, pianist, video director and editor.

Teacher of performing arts for youth.




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