Amit Partok

Education & Trainings

2016-2017, Graduated from camera acting course at “Reacting Studio”.

2018-2021, Graduated from acting school “GOODMAN”.



2021- “Hero”, Be’er Sheva Theater.

2021- “Social Case”, Alley Theater.

2022- “The Fairy the fish, and Roger that” , short play written by me, Triangle Theater.

2022- “Women Quorum”, Habima Theater & Be’er Sheve Theater collaboration.

2022- “Winter Wedding”, Tzavta Theater .

2022- “Avshalom’s Dream”, Cameri Theater.

2022- “Hello to you country”, Cameri Theater.

2022- “Les is more”, Cameri Theater.

2023- “Trampoline”, Cameri Theater.

2023- “Who wants to be a lesbian”, short play written by me, Triangle Theater.



2021- “The Commander”, Kan 11.



2018- “BuyMe”, Digital.

2018- “FIVE” gum, Digital.


Awards and Scholarships

2018- 3rd place, Social monologues, “Goodman”.

2019- 1st place, Scholarship for young artists and creators.

2019- 3rd place, “Psifas israeli”.

2019- 1st place, National competition for comic monologues named after Sefi Rivlin.




Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue),
English (advanced)



Piano- basic


Singer actress



Video & Sound

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