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2022- “DOUBLE PANTER”-Directed by Noam Shmuel. Beit Lessin Theatre Tel-Aviv.

2021-”ACH BOGER” -Directed by Tom Shwartzberg. Hashaaa Theatre.Tel-Aviv.

2015-“MR. MINISTER OF FINANCE” Directed by Ronnie Mendelson .Shlomo Tsach Protactions.Tel-Aviv.
2013-“PAPER BRIDE” musical, directed by Tsedi Sarfati  .Musical Festival Bat-Yam.

2012-“NEITHER BY DAY NO BY NIGHT”, Directed by Roy Horowitz . Habima National Theatre.Tel-Aviv.

2010-“SIGAL” (musical), Directed by Tzedi Tzarfati. Habima National Theatre Tel-Aviv.


2021- “ FIVE AND A HALF LOVE STORIES” directed by Tomas Vengris.

2014-“WEDDING DOLL”, Directed by Nitzan Giladi 

2009-“SAND OF SEA”, Directed by Rahel Alias. 

2007-“RENDITION”, Director: Gavin Hood.



2022-”SPYDERS” season 3, directed by Ofir Lubel, NICKELODEON.

2022-” THE ECHO OF YOUR VOICE” directed by  Tom Shoval. KAN11 TV.

2021- “HASHOTRIM” directed by Rotem Shamir. Keshet TV.

2021-”MASSIAH” Seoson 2.  Directed by Udi Kagan and Dana Polig. cellcom TV and Keshet tv.

2018- “EILAT” directed by Aviad Keidar, HOT TV.

2018-“THE SPY”, Directed by Gideon Raff. Netflix
2017.”MASSIAH”-Seoson 1 , Directed by Udi Kagan and Dana Polig. cellcom TV and Keshet.

2017-2015″HOMELAND”- season 5-6, Directors: Lesli Linka Glater andDaniel Attias, SHOWTIME

2014-“GORDIN CELL” – Season2, Director: Daniel Syrkin, YES TV

2016-“METIM LEREGA” Directed by Yoav and Doron Paz, HOT TV

2014-“TYRANT”, Directorby Davi Yates, FX TV

2012-“PRISONERS OF WAR” Season 2, directed by Gideon Raff, KESHET TV

2012-“TEL-AVIVIOT”, directed by Dana Blakstain,CHANNLE 10

2012″FOR BETTER AND FOT WORSE”Directed by Grzegorz Lewandowsk, TVP

2009″YOU’RE SOUL (Die Seele eines Mörders)” (German Production) directed by Peter keglevic , ZDF

2007″THE LOST TUMB OF JESUS”, directed by Simha Yakobovich,NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC


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