Lirit Balaban


2022 – ‘Apples from the desert’, Beit Lisin Theatre

2021 – ‘Four Mothers’, Beit Lessin Theater

2017 – “Circus of Jews” – Haifa Theater

“Open Couple” – Haifa Theater (Main)

“Boomerang” – Haifa Theater (Main)

“Sherlock Holmes The First Mystery” – Arena Theater is fruitful for children and youth

“Nedlan” – Theater House for China

“The Office” -Beer Sheva Theater. (main)

“Magic April” – Beer Sheva Theater (main)

“Messiah” – Beer Sheva Theater. (main)

“The King’s Clothes” by Nissim Aloni – The Bhima Theater

“Nemar Hevarburot” by Yaakov Shabtai – The Bhima Theater.

“A month in the village” by Turgenev. The stage theater

“Family” by Ravid Debra – The Bhima Theater

“Hello and not goodbye” by Shirili Desha – Haifa Theater

“Last Wedding” by Shira Gefen. Haifa Theater

“Impro” improvisation show – Haifa Theater



2019 – short film, ‘In the name of the daughter’

2019 – LGBT drama film, “15 Shana”, director and screenwriter Yuval Hadadi

2017 – “Yuval Givor in the Clouds” – Children’s film, creator: Yuval Shem Tov, director: Aviad Kider.

“Lady Titi Sings Blues” – directed and written by: Esti Alamo. Production: United King.

“The Ballad of the Crying Spring” – a film by Bnei Tori.

“Shards of Love” – Nissim Nutrica’s film.

“Colombian Love” – by: Rashef Levy, directed by: Shai Kenato.

“Sima and Akanin Witch” – Dror Shaul’s film.



2021 – ‘Caramel’ series, KAN TV Network

2021 – “The Good City” series, Hot

2015-2021 – “Schuster and Schuster”, here educationally, in a permanent position, Gabriela Bushmitz

2019 – Detective drama, ‘Disappearing’, here 11 in collaboration with Keshet12

2017 – Series “Friendships” – Channel 10. (Main role) Season 3.

2017 – “Shimchat” series – Aranets 2. (Network) (permanent main role)

2016 – ‘Disappearing’ series, Hot and Teen Nick

2007-2014 – “The Selector” – four seasons – Hot.

2011 – ‘We live here with fun’, Channel 10

“Disappearing” – Season 2 – Hot

“Mother’s angel” – yes.

“No socks” – Logie.

2007-2008 – Telenovela, ‘Dolls’, Hot

“Bench Actress” – Rishon in Drama, Channel 2. (main role)

“comic comic”

2014 – “Galis”, Hot

“here we live calmly”

“life is not everything”

“Weekly Torah Portion”

“married plus”



2015 – Hot

2013 – Tivol





Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), English (Excellent)






Video & Sound

לירית בלבן הוט
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