Matan Ben Ami

 Education & Trainings

2017-2020- graduate of Yoram Loewenstein acting studio

2019-2020- courses and workshops with israeli directors and casting directors: Tzipi Pines, Gilad Kimchi, Gal Zaid, Irad Rubinstain, Moran Martziano, Keren Elrom, Hagar Ben Asher,

2018-2019- studying acting in front of a camera using the chubbuck method

2011-2014- graduate of the theater department at hamekif gilo high school



2022- Writing a play ‘open case- murder in the Transfer club’ that acting in Tmuna theater

2021- Script development, a full-length feature film ‘The Jewish Holiday That Went Wrong’, co-produced by United King films, currently in development



2023- ‘open case- murder in the Transfer club’  by me and ram Guetta , Tmuna theater

2022- ‘Yentel’, Adapted by Yitzhak Bashevis Singer, Directed by rafi niv, The national theater of Israel Habima,

2022- ‘Puss in Boots’, Arranged by Ido Riklin, Directed by Rafi Niv, Mediatheque theater

2022- ‘the rabbit Mamushi’, By Oded Erlich, Directed by Oded Erlich, Israeli Hashaa theater  

2021- ‘The magic of mozart’, by Shay Lahav, directed by Uri Omanuti, Kibbutz theater

2021- ‘Eight following one’, by Dafna engel, directed by Uri Omanuti, Kibbutz theater

Presented in Yoram Loewenstein acting studio:

2020- ‘Brief Encounter’, by Noel Coward, directed by Lilach Segal

2020- ‘Let The Right One In’, by Jack Thorne, directed by Rafi Niv

2020- ‘The Crucible”, by Arthur Miller, directed by Ilana Lelcuk

2020- ‘The Emperor’, by Hanoch Levin, directed by Yair sherman

2019- ‘Warweser’, by Katherina Gericke, directed by Amit levy



2021- ‘Save The Eggplant’, Short movie, directed by Shoval Chiprut, Supported by the Galilee Foundation




Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), English (Excellent)



-singing- high level


-Former football player in Beitar Jerusalem and young israeli team,




Video & Sound

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