Nadav Shama

 Education & Trainings

Yoram Leowenstein – 2014-2017


Haifa Theater:

2023+ ‘Diving forward’ – an acclaimed solo show ,  by: Tzvia Huberman ,  Directed by: Tzvia Huberman. Role: Shachaer Cohen.

Habima National Theatre:

2023+ ‘The one my soul loved’ ,  Itay Segal ,  Directed by:  Moshe Kepten. Role: Shimon Halevi.

2020-2021- ‘La Malade Imaginair’ ,  Molière,  Directed by: Ilan Ronen. Role: Chorus.

2019- ‘King Lear’ ,  W. Shakespear,  Directed by: Gadi Roll. Role: King of France.

2018- ‘Bent’ ,  Martin Sherman ,  Directed by: Moshe Kepten. Role: Natzi soldier.


Orna Porat Theater:

2019- ‘The Final Victory’ ,  Noam Shmuel ,  Directed by: Noam Shmuel. Role: Sander Fridovic.


Mediateque Theater:

2021+ ‘Einstein’ ,  Yaara Reshef , Directed by: Noam Shmuel. Role: Max Talmud.

2021 – ‘Hana Sanesh, The Jewish Warrior’ ,  Zvia Huberman ,  Directed by: Tzvia Huberman. Role: Yona Rosen.

2020 – ‘3000 Leagues in Search of Mother’ ,  Zvia Huberman ,  Directed by Zvia Huberman. Role: Captain.


Acre Festival:

2020 – ‘The Israeli Joint’ ,  Eran Tobol. Role: Moshe Dayan.



2022 – ‘Leave’ ,  Adam Alon ,  Dir: Adam Alon ,  Main role: Guy. (Official selection OFF22, Denmark, Best actor nominee – San Diego Festival).

2021 – ‘Wolf and deer’ ,  Roei Freidan ,  Dir: Roei Freidan ,  Main Role: Adam. (Official selection Cellcom TV & Short Film Festival of SAPIR Collage, Haifa Film Festival.)

2020 – ‘ALMA’ ,  Sharon Leshem ,  Dir. Sharom Leshem. Role: A wild man.



2023 – ‘Line in the sand s.2’ ,  Dir: Dan Sachar ,  Channel 12 Keshet ,  Role: Illuz.

2019 – ‘Dumb s.3’ ,  Dir: Shay capon ,  HOT3 ,  Role: Elliron.



2021 – Bank Discount ,  Israeli Television All Channels & YouTube.


Awards and Scholarships

2024- Personal scholarship for the best play of the year 2023 Rabinovitz Foundation, for the play ‘The one my soul loved’ ,  Habima National Theatre.

2018- ‘Best Lead Actor’ scholarship for the role in the play ‘Stage Beauty’ at the ‘On Stage’ festival at the Habima National Theatre.

2017- ‘Best Lead Actor’ for the role in the play ‘Stage Beauty’ Kestenburg International Festival at the National Theater in Bosnia.

2017- Scholarship winner in the Musical Solo competition ,  Ehud Manor (Yoram Leowenstein’s Acting School.

2016- Winner of the ‘AICF’ (Sharet Foundation) scholarship for classical and Israeli monologues

2016- Scholarship winner in the Musical singing competition  (Jean Valjean) ,  (Yoram Leowenstein’s Acting School)





Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), English (Excellent)

Italian (Basic)

Arabic (Basic)



Siner, Guitar Player,  Professional Athlete (Past)

Video & Sound

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