Roni Nathanel


2019 – Tzipi Pines acting Workshop
2017 – Matching workshop for Liron and Naama
2017 – Chebak course led by Alon Neumann
2017 – Monologue workshop led by Moshe Kaftan
2015-2016 – Acting studies in front of a camera – technique
2012-2015 – Full acting studies at the Kibbutzim Seminar
2010 – “Acting Basics Workshop” at Nissan Lane 2010
2004-2007 – High School Education: Dance, Blich High School Ramat Gan

TV and media

2020 – Baby Bull in the middle – here 11 – Samuel the book
2019 – Punch -yes- Dror Sabo
2019 – Photographed -Hot- Uri Katz
2019 – Miller Junction – Season 3 Rainbow
2019 – Advertisement for the Lottery
2018 – Advertisement for visa cal
2018 – Advertisement for Ralbad
2017 – Advertisement for the Ministry of Transportation
2016 – Advertisement for the Lottery
2017 – Dubbing an Australian film “Mary Magdalene”
2014 – “80s”
2007 – Advertisement for Isracard
2007 – Advertisement for the Witt product
2007 – Chabad Internet Campaign (Friends Without Exaggerating) – The Anti-Drug Authority


“End of Acting” – By: Samuel Beckett, directed by Rina Yerushalmi The Cameri Theater in the role of Nell.
“Hamlet” – by: William Shakespeare, and directed by Maor Zaguri, Habima Theater. In the role of the spirit of Hamlet
“My First Love” – ​​by and directed by Galia Fredkin, Habima Theater. In the role of Phyllis.
“Half a Betrayal” – by Shai Shabtai and directed by Noa Schechter, the playwrights’ project, “Tzavta Theater”.
“Lamentations” – By: Eyal Wieser, and directed by Ido Colton, “Hebrew Arab-Jaffa” Theater. In a variety of roles.
“Mr. Mouse’s Mistress” – by and directed by Roi Malih Reshef, The Playwrights’ Project, “Tzavta Theater”.
“Besieged” – by Roi Yavin, and directed by Almog Shavit, “Close” Theater Central Station.

Theater performances as part of acting studies:
“On Fire” – by and directed by Dror Keren. In the role: Ruhla, as part of the Kibbutzim Seminar.
“Romeo and Juliet” – By: William Shakespeare, and directed by Yigal Ezrati and Noam Ben Azar. In the role: the nanny.
“Seven Jewish Girls” -by: Krill Churchill and directed by Aya Rubinstein. In the role: the girl.
“Du Nightmare” – By: Agen Ionescu and directed by Shanit Yehudain. In the role: She.

Hebrew, English, Spanish Parts

Additional skills: dancing and singing

Video & Sound

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