Roy Abramovich

 Education & Trainings

[2019-2022] – Nissan Nativ Tel Aviv Play Studio

[2017-2018] – Game course in front of camera Galit Rosenstein

[2008-2009] – Pre-military track at the Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth

 [2007-2008] – Youth track led by Tuvia Gelber Kfar Saba

Theater as part of studies

“The treatment” in the role: “Almighty” Directed by: Matan Amsalem

“Dead Souls” in the lead role: “Salipan” Directed by: brothers Jonathan and Tom Schwarzberg

 Alice” in the role: “Humpty Dumpty” Directe by: Matan Amsalem

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the role: Agaus  and Spitz” Directed: Avishai Milstein





Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue),

Spanish ( mother tongue)

English (Excellent)


IL, arg

Singing, dancing, movement, acrobatics


Video & Sound

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