Sarah von Schwarze

Short Bio

German-Israeli actress, playwright, screenwriter and director. Sara was born on October 6, 1968, in Munich, Germany.
She made her debut in 1996 in the short film ‘Goal Atzmi’. In 2004, she won the Award of the Israeli Television Academy for Best Actress in a Drama Series for ‘Meorav Yerushalmi’ (2003) at the Awards of the Israeli Television Academy. She is known for ‘Meorav Yerushalmi’ (2003 – 2010), ‘Tehran’ (2022), and ‘Zaguri’ (2014-2015).


Studies at the Israeli Center for Mediation and Coaching – “Goma”
A course in front of a camera by Ruth Dykes
Nude drawing course with Harold Robin 2008
Beit Zvi – The High School of Performing Arts in Ramat Gan
Acting Studies 1989-1992
Urban High School E – Tel Aviv
Full matriculation 1986


BS Theater (1992-1996), Beit Lessin (1996), The Library (1997), Habima (1996-1998), The Cameri (1998-2013) Tmuna Theater (2009-2013), Hebrew-Arab Theater (2009-2011) , Berlin The Ball House Theater (2010-2011), The Schauspielbonne Theater in Stuttgart (2013) Partial list of roles:
“Singer” by Peter Flannery, Director: Micha Levinson – Robbie Gialons. BS Theater.
“Mother Does Not Allow” by Charlotte Kittley, Directed by: Ido Riklin – Gaki Metclaf. Library Theater.
“Love and Memory” by Graham Reed, directed by Itzik Weingarten – Joan. BS Theater.
“The Workshop” by Jean-Claude Gramber, directed by Yoram Falk – Simon. BS Theater.
“Juvenile Illness” by Ferdinand Bruckner, directed by Ido Riklin – Dazira. BS Theater.
“Lime” by Christian Lupe based on a novel by Thomas Bernard, Directed by: Christian Lupe – Ms. Conrad.
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare, Directed by: Shahar Segal – Hippolyta / Titania. BS Theater.
“Uncle Vania” by Tzachov, directed by Nola Chelton – Yelena. Library Theater.
“Cruel of All King” by Nissim Aloni, directed by Hanan Snir – Acre. Habima.
“Best Friends” by Anat Gov, Director: Edna Mazia – Leli. The Cameri.
“Nora” by Ibsen in an adaptation by Bergman, directed by Ilan Ronen – Christina Linda. The Cameri.
“Copenhagen” by Michael Freyn. Directed by: Micha Levinson-Margareta. The Cameri.
“A Day in the Death of Go” by Peter Nichols. Directed by: Ido Raklin – Pam. The Cameri.
“Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Directed by: Omri Nitzan – Gertrude. The Cameri.
“The Father” by Strinberg. Directed by: Yossi Pollak – Laura. The Cameri. 2006
“Oh God” by Anat Gov. Directed by: Edna Mazia – The Psychologist. The Cameri.
“A Matter of Men” by Kreutz. Director: Yagil Eliraz. Tmuna.
“The Apartment” (plan as you request) by Kreutz. Directed by: Michael Ronen. Arab-Hebrew theater.
“Johnny Gone” by Jonathan Geffen. Directed by: Eldad Ziv – Galia. The Cameri.
“Seven Jewish Girls” by Krill Churchill. Directed by: Samih Jabrin. Hebrew Arab Theater, street performance.
“Waiting for Adam Spielman” by Haken Sebas Mikan Directed by: Michael Ronen. Berlin The Ball House Theater. 2011-2010
“Everywhere in the bath where there is no water” By: Gazina Dankwart. Directed by: Nava Zuckerman. Tmuna. 2011
“Romeo and Juliet” By: Shakespeare. Directed by: Noam Shmuel. The Cameri. 2012
“Maimona” By: Hannah Azulai Hasfri. Directed by: Kfir Azoulay. 2012. China House.
“Between the Two Worlds” By: Sarah von Schwartz. Directed by: Manfred Langner – Stuttgart, Germany. Tel Aviv. 2013
“Family Novel” By: Edna Mazia. Directed by: Edna Mazia. 2013. The Cameri.
“Friends of Friends” by and directed by Hillel Mittelpunkt. 2014. The Cameri
“Love Hurt” by Avishai Milstein 2015 Karlsruhe Germany – Tel Aviv.
“Lost Honor” – Disgraced by Iyad Actor Director: Kfir Azulai 2015 Chamber.
“Anna” – by Jessica Durlacher and Leon de Winter 2016 Directed by: Alon Ophir Cameri.
“License for Life” – by Ron Elisha 2017 Cameri.
“Krome” – by Hanoch Levin Director: Ilan Ronen 2017 Cameri.
“Legend of Grass” – by Shay Lahav Director: Roni Ninio 2017 Cameri.
“Othello” – by Shakespeare Director: Irad Rubenstein, Emilia. 2018 Cameri.
“Romeo and Mother” – by Gur Koren and Gilad Kimchi. Director: Gilad Kimhi. Susie Malka. 2018 Cameri.
“The Return” – by Aya Kaplan. Director: Aya Kaplan. 2019 Cameri.
“The Son” – by Florian Zeller. Director: Gilad Kimhi. 2020 Cameri.

Directed by

“Something Cosmic” (Constellations by Nick Payne at the Library of the Theater 2014).
Staged reading “Lady Amar” by Noam Gil The Cameri Theater 2016.
“Take Out the Girl” Theatronto 2017. By Nir Strauss 2017.
“Terror” Ferdinand von Shirach. Translation and directing. The Cameri 2018.
“Oliana” David Mamet. The Chamber December 2019.
“Completely Normal Jew” Charles Lewinsky. Terrier Municipal Theater, Germany. March 2020

Artistic committees

Directed two plays in Beit Zvi 1997.
Examining for Sharett Foundation Scholarships 2008-1997.
Artistic Committee Acre Festival 2000-1998.
Acting teacher at Beit Zvi 2019-2007.
Artistic Committee “Opening Point” Program for the development of original plays initiated by the Lottery 2013.

TV and movies

“A New Land” Directed by: Orna Ben Dor 1993.
“A small country, a big man” Directed by: Avraham Hefner Role: Mina 1998.
Master Program “Sit Up” Rainbow Broadcasts, Corner “On the Edge” 2000.
Series “Court” Chapter “Surrogate Mother”. (2000)
A 13-episode series “Mixed Jerusalem” on Channel 10 Israel in the lead role: Leah 2002.
“Intensive Care” series on Channel 2. 2002.
“Me’orev Yerushalmi” Season Two, Channel 2. 2004.
Mini-series “Best Friends” Directed by: Edna Mazi’a Behot 3. 2005.
“Me’orev Yerushalmi” Season Three, Channel 2. 2008.
“Knitted” Channel 2, Channel 10, Yes 2008.
“Polishok” guest role 2012.
“Empire Zaguri” is a daily series directed by Rani Saar. Writing: Maor Zaguri. Season 1 Hot. 2014
“Damascus Cover” by and directed by Daniel Berk, a British action film 2015
“Empire Zaguri” A daily series directed and written by Maor Zaguri. Season 2 Hot. 2015
“Giora’s Wife” Director: Shai Kapon, series on Channel 10, 2015.
“Strawberry” nonsense comedy creator: Gitit Fischer Director: Dan Messer. Network 13, 2018.
“PAMTA” aired Channel 11 Writing: Noa Rotman and Esther Namdar. Director: Oded Lotan 2019.


Satirical excerpts “Sit up” Rainbow broadcasts, corner “On the edge”. (2000)
Bilingual play “Between Two Worlds” (German-Hebrew), co-provocation with Germany (2012)
A bilingual play “Between Two Worlds” – Flucht. Theater Nestroyhof / Hamakom. Vienna Austria (March 2015)
The play “Passport Please” (2016)


Outstanding Actress Award of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor named after Avraham Ben-Yosef for her roles in “Anna” and “Lost Honor”

The Israeli Theater Award for Playwright of the Year for the play “Between 2 Worlds”.
Outstanding Actress Award for

Name Avraham Ben Yosef from the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality for her role in “Between 2 Worlds”.

An award in the name of Avraham Ben Yosef from the Tel Aviv Municipality for her role in the play “The Father”. 2016

The Israeli Academy of Film and Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series for her role
In the series “Jerusalem Mixed”. 2004

Israeli Theater Award for Actress of the Year in a supporting role in the play “Copenhagen”.

Avraham Ben-Yosef Outstanding Actress Award from the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality for her role in “Copenhagen”.
Man of the Year Award at the Keshet Broadcasting Theater together with the Moore Foundation and Anat Waxman for the play “Best Friends”.
Avraham Bar-Yosef Outstanding Actress Award from the Tel Aviv Municipality for her role in the play “Best Friends”.
3 full scholarships from the America Israel Foundation
Zvi Clear Award for Outstanding Actress.
Award for Classic Role – Eleonora San Vitale in “Torquato Tasso” Goethe. 1992

Additional activities
2014-2019 Teaching and lectures and workshops on various topics such as: building identity through body language, “Between 2 Worlds” and deepening the motif of choice at the Lecturer Center under the direction of Dalia Hochberg.
2017-2019 Teaching body language in “Talk master”.
2019-1998 Voluntary activity
Initiative of the Law Recognizing Expenses for Child Care as a Recognized Expense in Tax.
Active in the Histadrut and Shaham for the rights of artists and the protection of the rights of actresses after childbirth.
Volunteer activities in the Mesila organization for the rights of children of foreign workers.
Active in organizations that assist victims of sexual assault.

Military Service

Regular service in the army. 1989-1987


Hebrew mother tongue)
German (advanced)
English (Advanced)

Video & Sound

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