Shimon Mimran

Education & Trainings

Graduated from The Department of Theater at Tel Aviv University in 1992



2019 – 2020 – The play “Correction” by Rami Danon and Amnon Levy, The Chamber Theater

2018 – 2019 – The lawyer at The Khan Theater

2017 – 2020 – beautiful pictures musical Theater performance

2016 – 2020 – The play “Angina Factoris” Tsava Theater 2016 to today.

2011 – 2020 – Songs in Ashdodit, a musical Theater show

2005 – 2020 – Actor at The Beit Lasin Theater in various plays including Mike, Aquas, Diaries, Branche, Valentino, Acharon Yemia, The Craft of Life, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and more

2003 – Actor at The Beer Sheva Theater in various plays. (Jeeps, Photo Baghdad, Pouring Rain)

2001 – 2020 – meet Hanoch Levin solo show

1999 -2020 – The play “Ashlava” by Hanoch Levin and directed by him, The Chamber Theater

1994-2003 actor in The “Hakamir” Theater in various plays. (The Wonderful Woman Within Us, Mouth Gaping, Tikkun Hatzat, Twelfth Night, I Lay Down and more.)

1993-1994 actor at The “Habima” Theater in Hanoch Levin’s play The Boy Dreams


Films & Television

The Hesder, Zeruta, The Truck, Bench Actress, Indecent Movement, Elie and Ben, Kidnapped, Profile 64, Ballad for the Crying Spring, The Special, Bananas, Arab Work, Hostages and recently: The Good Policeman, Where Are You Live, Longing, Ben David, Nebso and more.


Directing in theaters and acting schools

Gesher Theater, Haifa Theater, Nissan Nativ, Beit Lesin Theater, Yoram Levinstein and more.

Directing theater productions: Krum, Live in the Movie, How We Laughed, Yakish and Popcha, Yapoic Pictures, The Real Ond Inspector, The Undecided, Winter Funeral, Maxim, Movie Sex and Longing and more.



The show to meet Hanoch Levin is a solo show from 2001 until today

The show Songs in Ashdodit is a musical theatrical show – from the book of poems of the poet Sami Shalom Sheetrit 2011 until today.

The show Yipayoy photos a musical theatrical show from the book Yapiyo photos by Menachem Ptolemy and songs by Aris Sun, Aliza Azikari and more from 2017 until today.


Teaching and artistic management

Artistic committee of the ‘Teatronto’ festival for one-man shows from 2016 until today.

2003-2008 teacher at Yoram Levinstein’s acting school

2008-2009 Acting teacher at Tel Aviv University Film Department


Awards and Scholarships

1990 – Honors Scholarship named after Mr. Felton from the USA 1990

1996 – Outstanding Actor Award, Tel Aviv Chamber Theater

2007 – Nomination for the Theater Award for directing Yakish and Popcha at the Gesher Theater

2009 – won the award for the outstanding director for the show Yapaiyo photos at the Beit Lasin Theater

2009 – Nominated for the Theater Award for directing Japanese pictures at the Beit Lesin Theater




Special skills

Hebrew (moTher tongue), English (Excellent)




Video & Sound

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