Tal Levy


Manpower- director: Noam Kaplan.
The Band’s visit- director: Eran Kolirin.


“Klumnikit”- one man show as part of the “teatroneto” festival.
Exodus- Orna Porat theatre.
Hitler the Robot and the Knife- Acre festival.
Under the Domim Tree- Meditek Hulon.
The Golem- The spirit Theatre.
“Hai Beseret”- Haifa Theatre.
“Agadat sof haona”- The kibbutz theatre.

Training and Education

1997-2000 Yora Levinstein acting studio.
1997-1999 graduate of Telma Yalin high school of the arts.


“Muli vetzumi”- director: Kobi Havia. Hop channel.
Fairy tales- director: Koby Paz. Nickelodeon.
“Sof al hakatino”- acting, writing and creating. Youtube show.
“Matzhikim mehaim”- producing. Production: “Armoza” abroad productions.
“Haisreelim”- director: Ben Bachar.
“Ulay hapaam”- director: Ofer Weizmann.
“Haverim shel naor”- director: Naor Tziyon. Channel 10.
“Shave lenasot” – lead role. Logi channel.
“Kofiko”- lead role: Kofiko.YES.


2007 most promising actress- Acre Festival.
2005-006 first place in film monologue contest.

Video & Sound

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