Amit Veinberg


Party Time, By Harold Pinter. Director: Rotem Kama. Role: Gavin. Kibbutzim college.
Tape, by Stephen Belber. Director: Nofa Moshe. Role: Vincent. Kibbutzim college.
Six Characters in Search of an Author. Director: Rina Yerushalmi. Role: the Whisperer.
The Tempest , Shakespeare. Director: Tal Brener. Role: Caliban.
“Hamemune al Mashabei enosh”. A.B Yhoshua. Director: Itzik Wingerton. Role: Inspector.

Training and Education

2005-2008 theatre major at Ort Greenberg Kiryan Tivon.
2013-2016 3rd year student at Kibbutzim college school of Performing arts.
2015 Shakespeare workshop by Ben Nailor. London.


Video & Sound

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