Eran Sarel


1992-1996 – Theater Department, Tel Aviv University


The Cameri Theater 2008

Fiddler (Fuchs, Chilobhka and Gaston), Frost / Nixon (Swifty Lazar), Threepenny Opera (Jacob), The New Criminals (Shimshon) ), Wojciek (the priest), as you like (William), Krome (Dolce)

Ensemble Itim

Rina Yerushalmi

2004-2007 – Vayilach (Cain), Vishtachu Vara (the actor and Samuel the prophet), three sisters (Chibutikin), a midsummer night’s dream (Mac), Macbeth (Macbeth).


2001-2002 – “Tamara”

2001 – The Feast (King Saul)

Performances directed by Nola Chilton

2001-2003 – talk about love in directing, main role

2014-2015 – Again we talk about love, a major role

Glass broken, Philip Gilberg

2009-2010 – Kalev Hutzot (Tmuna), a solo show by Agnon

2008 – Golem from Prague as Golem at the Children’s Theater Festival in Haifa with an honorable mention

“In the Land of Gilead,” a work by Doron Tavori and Yochai Avrahami, in the role of Dr. Yaakov Shatsky


Abba Eban in the man who wanted to prevent war, Gideon Ganani

Joe With The Wounded In The Head Season 1 Episode 1, Guy Amir And Hanan Savyon, Channel 3 Hot

Igor in the neighborhood Season 1, Giora Hamitzer, Nicolodion

Yaki Shimoni at the Midrasha, Season 1 Episode 6, Danny Sirkin, Channel 2

Advocate Levinson at the traffic light, season 3 episode 1, channel 2

Soncino the mafioso at Dews, the children’s channel

Producer in Kitzis and Friedman, Channel 2

Policeman in driver rites, season 1

Loan-lender in the good guys


The boss

The guard in the promo to Tzvika Hadar

Main role promo laugh from work

Paratroop Brigade Commander – Tapuchis

Antiochios’s advisor in an advertisement for Isracard with Yuval Samo


Hebrew English

Video & Sound

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