Maya Bachowski

Education & Training

2010-2013 – Yoram Leowenstein Performing Arts Studio, class of 2013
2014- Laban Movement Analysis Acting Method Workshop.
2015- 2021- Chubbuck Acting Method- Masterclass level trainee.
2015- Dramatic Text Analysis Workshop.



2022- Wondeful Placed, Iftah Ophir, Tmuna Theater

2021- “Father Figure”, directed by Sharon Stark, Tzavta Theater

2019-2021- “The Director, The Assistant And The One With The Pepper”, directed by Yakir Portal, Tzavta Theater

2019- “Hasodot”, directed by Kfir Azulay, Beit Lessin Theater

2019- “Einstein”, directed by Noam Shmuel, Mediatheque Theater

2016- 2018- “Le Placard”, directed by Alon Ofir, Beit Lessin Theater

2014 – “House Husband”,  directed by Alon Ofir, Beit Lessin Theater

2013-2014 – “One Man, Two Guvnors”, directed by Moshe Kepten, Beit

Lessin Theater

2016 – “Chaplin”, directed by Zvia Huberman, Youth Theater

2014 – “Barking at the Moon”, directed by Ofer Shafrir, Haifa International Festival of Children Plays

2013 – “World of Fire and Water”, directed by Eyal Rozales, Florentine Circus

2012 – “Parade”,  directed by Moshe Kepten,  Cameri Theater and Israel Festival



2014- “The Middle”, directed by Guy Krispil

2015- “Negligee”, directed by Danielle Shvalboym

2016- “Bright Moonlight Night”, directed by Matan Shiram

2018- “Lachutz Hatuna”, directed by Gury Alfi

2021- “Bed Time Story”, directed by Ravid Maimon



2022- All Good (Hakol Tov), Ofer Weizmann, Yes

2017- 2019 (three seasons)- “My Sister Skipped a Grade”, directed by Yoni Gera, YES Comedy

2019- HaChafranim, directed by Sivan Magazanik

2018- “Our Treasure”, directed by Mickey Joseph, Kan Kids

2010- “Hashualim”, directed by Yaron Arazi, YES Comedy


Awards and Scholarships

2017-2019- Three-time nominee for Best Comedy Series by the Israeli Academy Awards for “My Sister Skipped a Grade”

2014 – Best Actress in Haifa International Festival of Children Plays

2013- Monologue Competitions:

  • 2 nd Place – Shosheim Foundation Scholarship recipient
  • 2 nd Place – Ehud Manor Scholarship recipient





Special skills

Hebrew (Mother tongue) English (Native level)

German (Basic level)



Singing, Dancing



Video & Sound

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