Esti Zackheim

Training and Education

Lesley University – M.A in Counseling With a specialization in Arts.
Post graduate at A.L.R.A Lodon.
B.A degree at Tel Aviv University.
One year od post graduate studied in the field of Directing at Tel Aviv University.
Kibutzim College- Psycho-drama.
1983- Telma Yalin High school.


2014- “Alifim”- The kids channel.
2012- Dancing with The Starts- channel 2.
2009- psychodrama special on Holocaust Memorial Day. channel 1.
1000 calories.
“Deshaim Sgulim”
“Kan Veaschshav”
“Café Paris”
“Kesef Katlani”
Intensive care.
“Esrim Plus”
“Zman Horim”- talk show.
“Kaitz Beyovel”- channel 1.


Only sex scenes- “Kan” ensemble. Director: Shlomo Plesner”.
A midsummer night’s dream. Role: Titania. Director: Dalya Shimko.
“Oneg”- musical theatre act. “Aspamia” ensemble. Director: Esti Zackheim and Omer Shemer.
“Yorshim Hasrei Busha”- musical comedy. Director: Hadar Gilron.
2014 project s. Tmuna theatre.
2013 “Lo Bebet Sifrenu”. Tmuna Theatre.
2013 “Gan Ricki”. Tmuna theatre.
2012 sunrise. Director: Shlomo Plesner. Tmuna Theatre.
2011 “Maase Betabaat”. Director: Dalya Shimko. “Aspamia” ensemble.
2012 Hope- Multimedia show. Director: Galit Florenz. Writing: Esti Zackheim.
2010 “Ahuzat Vice”- Dalya Shimko. “Aspamia” ensemble.
2009 “Nadeda Haahava”. Duet for a video dancer. Cameri Theatre.
2008 “Nashei Troya”- Tmuna Theatre.
2005 “Lo Yalda Shel Af Ehad”- Tmuna Theatre.
1995 “Shira Haya Vemeta Betel Aviv”.- director: Dalya Shimko. Teatroneto Festival.
“Sipur Pashut”- Haifa Theatre.
“Latzet Mikan”- The Library Theatre.
Hunger- Tmuna Theatre.
“Alvara”- Tmuna Theatre.


2016- “Masa Hatabaat”.
“Ad Hacheck Haaharon”- final project film got “Kamara Obskura” with Albert Iluz, Roberto Polak and Dalya Berger.
2013- “Iluf Hagoreret” – nominated in the documentary category.
2012 The Fifth Heaven- director: Dina Zvi Ricklis.
2011 Edut director: Shlomi Elkabetz.
“Leil Sada”- Ofir award for supporting role.
“Afula Express”- Ofir award for leading role.
“Hakochavim Shel Shlomi” – nominated for leading role.


“Maala” school for film and T.V in Jerusalem- directing and mentoring.
Teacher at “Technica” school for on camera acting, Tel Aviv.
Teacher at “Move” school of acting. Tel Aviv.
Workshops in: Body language, phototherapy, effective presentation, conflict solution and more.
Sapir college- acting for screenwriters.
Hulon Theatre- on camera acting.
Sam Spiegel film school- acting for screenwriters.
1993-2000 Beit Zvi.

Other roles

2015-2016 vice chairman of “Shaham”.
Vice chairman of “Lahav”.
2012 lector in the film foundation.

Video & Sound

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