Lenny Cohen

Training and Education

2013-2015- acting for camera, “Technica”.
2011-2013 IDF theatre
2008-2011- theatre major graduate with honors, Irony A high school.
1999-2008- graduate of “Arison” campus of the arts, theatre major.


Sins- director: Avi Nesher. Role: Ilana.


2008-2009 Oliver- role: Beth. Beit Lesin.


2013-2014 “Moadon Hahnunim”- lead role. Zoom channel.
2015- “Ir Lelo Alimut”, Hachinucit.


1999 Stewart little- role: George.
2002 E.T – role: Greti.
2003 Spirited Away- role: Chihiro.
2005 Harry Potter- role: Jeanny.
2005 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory- role: Veroka salt.
2008 Bolt- role: Penny.
2005-2009 Cedric- role: Nicholas.
2011- Red Riding Hood-role: red riding hood.
2012 Zambizia-role: Zoie.

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