Gal Ben Artzi

Education & Trainings

2020 – Playwriting workshop by Gur Koren in the Cameri.

2019 – Playwriting workshop by Roy Maliach Reshef.

2017 – ​​Certified movement therapist- wingate school

2015 – Acting workshop by Udi Percy and Doron Amit.

2015 – Writing lyrics course by Tal Gordon.

2014 –  Matching workshop by Liron and Naama.

2014 – Casting workshop by Stage Center.

2013 – Acting on camera by Ruth Dytches.

2013 – Shin-Sen-Do style movement therapy at the Wingate Institute.

2010-2013 – Eyal Cohen’s “Haderech” Acting School, Givatayim.

2010 – “Act the Game” workshop by Rani Saar and Yaron Kafkafi.

2008 – The Landmark Education’s life track. 


Writing & Playwriting

2021 – Playwright ‘Brother Of’ a play’s dramaturgical writing process of the painter Vincent Van Gogh’s life.

2019 – Playwright ‘The Remnant of Emission’, a short play written for ‘Tzavta’ telling the story of three spermatozoa in the scrotum.

2017 – Composer in ‘Netzurot’, a ‘Notzar Theater’ play.

2014 – Playwright & composer in ‘Jack and the Corn Kernel’, a ‘Tmuna Theater’ play.


Film & Television

2021 – Played Shaul the Archeologist – a lead role in the movie ‘Susya – The Story of a Lost Tune’, by Oded Avraham.

2021 – Played Yoni in ‘Nafas’, a HOT TV series by Maysaloun Hamoud.

2021- Played Eran the Medic in ‘Valley of Tears’, a KAN11 series about the Yom Kippur war by Yaron Zilberman.

2019 – Played Yizhar, a former Navy-Seal soldier in ‘Kibbutzniks’, a HOT TV series.

2018 – Played the lead role as Sharon Karni, in the movie ‘Fire’ film by Elad Wiseman.

2017 – Played Yigal, combat soldiers’ commander in a museum film called ‘Homa & Migdal’ by Guy Michael.

2016 –  Played the main role in ‘Their voices were not heard’, a short film by Nati Amos alongside Gidi Gov and Yona Elian-Keshet.

2016- Played Gideoni, a Palmach soldier on an illegal immigrant ship in the film ‘The Gideons’ by Gadi Eisen.

2014 – A lead role in a final film project called ‘Getting rid of the Golffins’ by Itamar Cohen.

2013 – A lead role in ‘Karma is a Bitch’, a short film by Yarden Stefanski.



2013-2021-  Bubbles Playback (Playback Theater Group), Directed by Sigalit Mahbar

2021-  All Paths and That Man, A Hasimta Theater Ensemble Production, Directed by: Irit Frank

2021-  See You , Production: Hasimta Theater Ensemble, Directed by: Irit Frank

2020-  The Israeli Joint, An Akko Festival Production, Directed by Eran Tobol

2020-2021- One Fine Day, A Hasimta Theater Production , Directed by Arie Eldar

2015-2019-  King Saul, An Amir Zloter Production, Directed by Tom Wolinitz

2019-  The Princess and The Frog, Production: Maayan Zelner Productions, Directed by Rani Magar

2018-  A Tale of Five Balloons, A Misgav Uri Production, Directed by Yuval Shem-Tov & Shirel Asherov

2017-  Netzurot, Also composed the Play’s songs., A Notzar Theater Production, Directed by Dalia River

2017-  Alice”s Tea Party, A Yafit Levi Production, Directed by Yafit Levi

2016-2017- Derech Hashalom, Production: Ivgi Productions , Directed by Vered Feldman

2016- Crazy Night at the Library, Hanukkah , An Ashdod Municipal Culture Society Production, Directed by Kobi Mahat

2016-  As You Like It (William Shakespeare), A Thespis Ensemble Production, Directed by Meir Ben-Simon

2016-  Litali Hosts Lazy Town, An NMC & Event Pro Production, Directed by Sivan Magazanik

2016-  Princess May , Played the roles of Shimri – the Romanian guard, Pitzi – the dwarf, Mon-Amur – the witch, Prince Eric, and Omri. , A May Tenenbaum Production, Directed by Avi Dor

2016-  Apricots, Production: Ashdod Theater in collaboration with Goshen Theater, Directed by Kobi Mahat

2014-2016-  Bubble Playback (Playback Theater Group), Directed by Sigalit Mahbar

2016-  Peter Pan, Production: Mofa Theater in collaboration with Berliner Productions, Directed by Yaron Kafkafi

2013-2017- One-man show: A lying Drink, Production: From Enjoyment to Propulsion, Directed by Ruth Ganel

2015 – Messiah, A Hag Hamahazemer Production, Directed by Moshe Captain

2015 – The Safari Ice World, Production: Miki Peled, Solan Productions, Directed by Avishay Ben-Gal

2015 – The Puss in Boots, A Zvika Lahat Production, Directed by Tidhar Issachar

2015 – Pressure Cooker, Directed by Tsofit Shpan

2014 – Sweeney Todd, Project “Springboard”, A Habima Theater Production, Directed by Nir Friedman

2014 -Musical’s name: Shevet Achim, Hanukkah , Production: Riffs Productions & Bimot Jerusalem, Directed by Yaron Kafkafi

2014 – Looking for Bunny, A Shabluli Production, Directed by Shoshi Arieli

2014 – The Cameri Youngsters – a tribute to Orna Porat, The Cameri Theater Production, Directed by Haggai Elkayam

2014 – He Walked The Fields  – Project “Exposure”, A Shaham Production, Directed by Nir Bergman, Yuval Shafferman and Aya Kaplan

2014- Life According to Bodo, The Yiddishpiel Theater Production, Directed by Itzhak Shauli

2014-  The Chabad Song, The Yiddishpiel Theater Production, Directed by Itzhak Shauli

2014-  The Rebels \ Edna Mazia, The Kfar Saba Theater Production, Directed by Yehudit Kuris

2012-2014-  Jack and The Corn Kernel (playwright, composer, and lyricist) , The Hartaka Brothers Production, Directed by Miki Mevorah

2013-2014-  Lazy Town, Production: Event Productions , Directed by Talik Ninio

2013-Musical’s name: The Three Musketeers, Hanukkah, Production: Yotzrim. Productions , Directed by Yaron Kafkafi

2012-  Playing for Time, Production: Haderech – School of theatrical expression , Directed by Yonatan Esterkin

2009-Show’s name: Tzavta Group, Isrotel Hotel Chain Production, Directed by Yaron Kafkafi



2019 – Leumi Bank

2018 – Winner Lottery

2015 – Sano

2015 – SanDisk

2014 – Keter

2013 – Goldstar Beer

2013 –A promo for the “The Next Star for the Eurovision” TV show



2012 – A commendation mark for a monolog competition (Torvald – A Doll’s House)




Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), English (Excellent)



Facilitator, actor, host, singer and songwriter, Playwright, director, video director , guitar player , keyboard, movement therapist, Catamaran sailor, Shadow Yoga practitioner for the past ten years.




Video & Sound

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