Yossi Segal

Education & Trainings

1955-1958            Yavne High School, Haifa.

1959-1960            Lipschitz Teachers’ Seminar, Jerusalem

1959-1961            Military service; Served in the Central Command Band and in the IDF waves.

1962-1964            Studies Acting in The Royal Academy of Drama, London (RADA)



Theatre 2021

“Suicide Without End”, the Cameri Theatre, Tel-Aviv

“Actor looking for a stage” – A single performance in theatres across the country.

 Medical simulations – Tel-Hashomer Hospital and Tel-Aviv University

Theatre Till 2021:

Taming of the Shrew; Andorra; Rhinoceros; The Magic Boy; The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Topele to to Ritu, Pooh  the Bear, Peter  Pan, Rumpelstiltskin, The Trial; A Comedy of Error; My Fair Lady; Revisor; The Visit of the Old Lady; Walkןng in the Dark?; The

 Witch Hunter; Oliver; The Witch; The Children of the Heart; Nathan the Wise; The   Thirsty and the Hungry; The Duchess of Amalfi; The Dybbuk; Alex and Morris; Maurice Schimmel; 50-60-70; The House Is What Separates (Acre Festival)

 and many many more…



Schlager; 60th Street; Doomsday; The Suburban Girl; Save The Lifeguard; Dizengoff 99; An Electric Blanket Named Moshe; White Lies (Israeli Oscar nominee); Sand birds; and many more…



Rehearsals (2021); Stay In The Game (2021); Delicious (2021); Playful Explanations; The 80’s; Here and Artist; Elisha; Close Relatives; The Pyjamas; The Language Of The Mirrors; See Six- Six; This-it; Murder on Saturday Morning; iChat; 20 Plus; Puzzle; Our City; The Special, and many more



Cellcom; Egged; House in the Village; Echinacea; Elite; Rich; Osem; Nature; Iroka; Pepperberg Wine, Yad Sarah

and many more…


Awards and Scholarships

On behalf of the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for Tel Aviv Arts and the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, with the support of the Director of Culture to present the individual from his pen – “an actor looking for a stage.”  2000

Award for Encouraging the Work 2009 named after the late Ehud Manor on behalf of AMI

Lifetime Achievement Award from AMI in 2013

The Golden Hedgehog Award for 2014 in the play “50-60-70”.




Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), yiddish (Excellent)






Video & Sound

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