Maya Madgar

Education & Trainings

Chabak method Workshop 2017

Game workshop in front of the camera Hila Yuval and Heli Monsongo 2014

A game workshop in front of a camera led by Orit Sher and Nir Erez 2010

Graduate of the Yoram Levinstein Studio-2001-2004

Graduate of the Bat-Dor Dance School 1995-2000

Graduate of Urban School A – in the dance department 5 matriculation units in the years 1998-1995



 2005 – “Rooster of atonement” -Rafi Niv-  Kibbutz Theater

 2005 – “King Solomon and Solomon the Cobbler” -Ilan Ronen- Habima Theater

 2005- “Brooklyn Boy” – Natan Datner- Beer Sheva Theater

 2005 – “The 16th Lamb” – Bat Sheva Michaeli- Habima Theater

 2005 – “On The Violin” -Rafi Niv- Beer Sheva Theater

 2006 – “Company” – Rafi Niv- Yoram Levinstein Studio (as an adult)

 2006 – “To Myself” -Nir Erez-  Kibbutz Theater

 2006- “I was born to dream” -Rafi Niv-  the national theater for children and youth

 2007 – “For the Section” -Elidor Haim- The Kibbutz Theater

 2007 – “Family Photo” -Elidor Haim- Kibbutz Theater

 2007 – “Emil and the Detectives” – Rafi Niv- Holon Meditech

 2007 – “The Tree of the Similar is Busy” -Moshe Kepten- The Meditech in collaboration with the Kibbutz Theater

 2008 – “The Abduction from the Monastery” -Shlomo Vishinsky- The Theater of the Hour

 2008- “Do not want to be a lion” -Raanan Ferera- show theater

 2008- “The Imaginary Patient” – Reading Theater Habima Theater

 2009 – “The Double Ora” – Rafi Niv- Meditech in collaboration with the National Youth Theater

 2009- “Zoro” – Moshe Kepten- Keren Or Productions

 2009- “Habima-Studio presents” -Chagit Rechavi- Yoram Levinstein Studio (as an adult)

 2010- “Princess Mary 7” – Roni Pinkovich-Beit Lessin Theater

 2011- “Nachman” – Roni Pinkovich Meditech Holon

2012 – “Frogs and Toads” – Roni Pinkovich- Holon Meditech

 2012 – “King of Siam” – Moshe Kepten- Orna Porat Theater

 2013 – “King of the Jews” – Aya Kaplan- Holon Meditech

 2014 – “The Lion of the Library” – Roni Pinkovich- Holon Meditech

 2017- “Grandpa’s Stars” – Moshe Kepten- Hour Theater

 2017 – “Itamar” -Yael Tilman- Theater of the Hour

 2018- “Letters to my brother” -Dafna Engel- Hour Theater

 2019 – “Tiny and Anton” – Moshe Kepten- Hour Theater

 2019 – “Mamamia” – Moshe Kepten- Habima Theater

 2020 – “It’s in Your Head” -Gome Fried- The Theater of the Hour

 2021 – “Road Signs” – Moshe Kepten- Habima Theater

 2022 – “The Avengers – A Love Story”-Hillel Mitelpunkt – Habima Theater

 2022 – “Intel” -Rafi Niv- Habima Theater



 2011- “Daily Play” – Directed by the late Einat Ferenbach, produced by Einat Ferenbach

 2018 – “Ducks Urban Legend” – Directed by Shachar Rosen, Yanosan Productions Ltd.


 2001- “Shemesh” directed by Ruby Duanias Teddy Productions, yes

 2006-  “Legend of Grass” directed by Ofer Weizmann, Herzliya Studios, Channel 10

 2006- “Maybe This Time” directed by Ofer Weizman, Herzliya Studios, yes

 2011- “Children of the Prime Minister”, directed by Alon Benari- Koda Communications, Hot 3

 2013 – “Israel”, directed by Roei Florentin- Herzliya Studios, Channel 10

 2020 –  “Hanachala”, directed by Roei Florentin’ Yoav Gross Productions, Keshet 12

 2020 – “The Daughter of the Policeman”, directed by Roei Florentin’ Slutsky Communication Channels, Teen Nick yes


Awards and Scholarships

Eli Leon – Habima Excellence Scholarship for 2022

Winner of a “Sharet” scholarship for 2003

 Winner of a scholarship named after the late Dr. Shosh Abigail for 2003

 Commendation in the name of the late Adi Kamri for the year 2003





Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), English (Excellent)



Dancer, singer



Video & Sound

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