Naomi Oren

Education & Trainings

2020-2023- SELA- Yoram Loewenstein’s Performing Arts Studio, Tel Aviv Israel.

2018-2020- Military Service in the IDF Theater.

2012-2017- Theater Major at “Aleph High School of Arts Tel Aviv, Israel.



Productions as part of the studies:

2023- “First Date” (musical) directed by Oz Morg, Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio

2023- “Kites” directed by Rafi Niv, Acting Studio Yoram Levinstein

2023- “Love and Money” directed by Dania Landsberg, Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio



2022 – “Good Cannibals” – Sam Spiegel graduation film, directed by Roni Yaniv and Eyal Segersky

2021 – “Over There” – Tel Aviv University graduation film, directed by Etti Ben On

2020 – “Money” – a short film directed by Sharon Englehart

2012 – “Ketupa” – Sam Spiegel graduation film, directed by Margarita Balcklev



The Sketch Series “Tribe of Trauma” is intended for broadcast on European television


Awards and Scholarships

2023 – Winner of the “One Relationship/Different Sexuality” monologue competition contributed by Shosh Carmel

2023 – Winner of singing competition from musicals in memory of Adi Shaked

2023- Winner of the poetry competition in memory in memory of Ehud Manor

2022 – Winner of a song contest from the musicals in memory of Adi Shaked


Writing and Directing


2023- Creator and director the play “Who R U”. The play participated in theater festivals in Israel as well as in international festivals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


2023- Creator and actress in the network series “The Actor’s Work on Himself” (in development) in the network series course directed by Elior Eliyahu Amsalem.






Special skills

Hebrew (mother tongue), English (Excellent)



Portugal (european passport)


/directing/lighting designer


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